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drone racing

If you are on this page, you must have met me at a race, saw some videos on line, or somehow accidentally stumbled in here.

I’ve been flying & racing drones since 2016.  Flying my first drone gave me some nostalgic feelings from driving rc cars as a kid.  Over the years, I’ve made many new friends, learned a lot about drones, electronics, design, and radio signals.  I had many opportunities to compete in local, national and international races.  I even started the primary drone racing community in Toronto, the group is called “RatRace FPV Racing”.  We are a small but an active group.  

Some people play golf, others shoot guns or play hockey.  We race drones.  I find the hobby both challenging, social and educational.  It definitely keeps my weekends interesting.  This blog is dedicated to people that want to get started in the hobby and is also serve as a place to showcase some of my experiences with products and events. 

Still curious about drone racing?  
Check out the top 10 Questions people ask when they see us flying drones and my beginner’s guide to drone racing.


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