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Free CG Assets and Tutorials

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

Don't reinvent the wheel. Depending on the role you plan to take on, building everything from scratch can easily become a massive waste of time. There's plenty of resources online and it's a bit overwhelming . Below are some hand picked links to get you started.

Mocap - mocap & Characters - custom characters & crowd

Plates - plates, watch out most are in slow mo

3d / 2D Assets - hdri, textures, models - textures, models, free offline library with brick and mortar schools - virtual museums of Malopolska - low grade models and some usd assets

Examples - houdini tips and tricks - houdini tricks on a browser.

RBD - assorted-bullet sims and example hip file

Data - camera, color, material properties.



Below is a small collection of my karmalicious renders from example files showcasing procedural stuff and making use of online resources. Each setup is done in less than 6 hours and rendered in approx.2 hours using Karma XPU.

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