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health, fitness & nutrition


I’ve learned at a fairly young age that no matter how much money, education or freedom you have,  you can never truly enjoy life unless you are healthy. 


The most mainstream sport I engage in is probably Snowboarding.  The rest are a bit more of the underground stuff such as rock climbing, dodgeball & power lifting.  I’m not an expert at any of these, but these activities keeps my butt off the couch.  


Maintaining an active lifestyle is important since (like many people out there) I spend most of the day sitting on a chair in front of a computer.  I don't concern myself too much about all the health and fitness related craze on the internet.   My goal is to stay nimble and athletic by sticking to very simple and achievable routines.


Over the past few years I’ve dabbled on various types of eating and exercise.  I learned a lot about what works and doesn’t work for “me”. That’s correct, this is what works for me and you are welcome to try it.  My philosophy with pretty much anything in life and specially for health is “daily progression”.  You’ll find articles here that will let you follow through the footsteps I took to get there and hopefully learn a few things about yourself along the way.

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